Wiksi now offers FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Ecuador!

Start selling online for free

You only pay when you make a sale.

Start Selling Online

Create your online store

It is completely free to set up your store and start selling online. You only pay when you make money. Our fees are dead simple. You pay 15% + $0.50 per transaction – no hidden fees. For example, if you sell something for $15, then you would get $13.95 directly deposited into your bank account.

Add your items

Add your entire inventory to your online store. We don’t put a cap on how many items you can add. It is all completely free. We want you to sell as much as you want. It is a win win for everyone 🎉.

Start making sales

As soon as you make a sale you will get notified and have the ability to accept or reject the sale. Once accepted you will start to make the item (if custom) and get the purchase ready for pickup.

The product goes out for delivery

Wiksi takes care of the delivery, with no additional cost to you. We will pick up your orders from your house and deliver them to the buyers.

You get paid

As soon as the purchase gets picked up for delivery, you get paid. Only now do you pay a small fee as mentioned above. 15% + $0.50. It will get taken out directly from what will be deposited in your bank account, so you don’t need to worry about paying for anything. Money will be deposited at the end of every week. If you need the money quicker, you can instantly deposit the money for just 1%.